Companies committed to the Responsible Care

For over 20 years the Responsible Care programme has offered an advanced and solid foundation for corporate responsibility. The companies committed to the programme practice responsibility in many different ways. A common feature to all activities is, however, that ways of operating reflect the needs and expectations of both the customers and the neighbourhood.

Committed companies 

Akzo Nobel Finland Oy
Alfaplast Oy
Arizona Chemical Oy
Ashland Finland Oy
ASV-Jarex Oy
Bayer Oy
BIM Finland Oy
Bewi StyroChem Oy
Berner Ltd
Borealis Polymers Oy
CH-Polymers Oy
Chromaflo Technologies Finland Oy
CP Kelco Oy
Dinex Ecocat Oy
Diversey Suomi Oy
Dow Suomi Oy
Evonik Silica Finland Oy
Exel Composites Oyj
Oy Faintend Ltd
Fermion Oy
Finex Oy
Finnfeeds Oy
Finnfeeds Finland Oy
Flint Group Finland Oy
Oy Fluid-Bag Ab
Forchem Oyj
Fortum Waste Solutions Oy
Freeport Cobalt Oy
Onni Forsell Oy
Gasum Oy
Genencor International Oy
Henkel Finland Oy
Hexion Oy
Huhtamäki Oyj
Huhtamäki Foodservice Nordic Oy
Kemira Oyj
Kemira Chemicals Oy
Kiilto Oy
KiiltoClean Oy
Kiiltoplast Oy
KL-Lämpö Oy
KWH Plast Schur Flexibles Oy
Lumene Oy
Medisize Oy
Oy Medix Biochemica Ab
Mondo Minerals B.V. Branch Finland
Muovijaloste Oy
Muovilami Oy
Nanten Oy
Nalco Finland Manufacturing Oy
Neste Oyj
Nokian Renkaat Oyj
Nor-Maali Oy
Orion Oyj
Orion Diagnostica Oy
Oy Orthex Finland Ab
PCAS Finland Oy
Pharmatest Services Oy
Pipelife Finland Oy
Oy Plastex Ab
Prefere Resins Finland Oy
Premix Oy
Oy Prevex Ab
Oy Primo Finland Ab
Promens Oy
Roal Oy
Santen Oy
Oy Scantarp Ab
Schoeller Allibert Oy
Serres Oy
Oy Sherwin-Williams Finland Ab
Siegwerk Finland Oy
Solenis Finland Oy
Solvay Chemicals Finland Oy
St1 Renewable Energy Oy
Sun Chemical Oy
Surfactor Finland Oy
Synthomer Finland Oy
Taitomuovi Oy
Taminco Finland Oy
Teknikum Group Ltd.
Teknos Oy
Tetra Chemicals Europe Oy
Tikkurila Oyj
Oy Toppi Ab
Trinseo Suomi Oy
Upofloor Oy
Venator P&A Finland Oy
Oy ViskoTeepak Ab
Oy Woikoski Ab
Yara Phosphates Oy
Yara Suomi Oy