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Unlocking new possibilities in the chemical industry – Science Forum 2023

Chemical Industry Federation of Finland’s annual Science Forum focused this year on how digitalization and AI can transform R&D in the industry – and already has.

A common thread throughout the talks was how digital transformation in business requires training and involvement and a clear vision on how digitalization can support company strategy. Examples from SiloGen, Neste, Borealis and Orion showed how large language models, data hubs, digital twin models and reverse engineering have already proved to be efficient tools for R&D.

The event’s host, Chair of Chemical Industry Federation of Finland’s Innovation Committee Petri Lehmus of Neste, whose closing words underlined the importance of digitalization for the industry’s competitiveness and sustainability.

The speakers included SiloGen’s Head of Technology Aarne Talman, Borealis’ Head of Industrial Digitalization Marcus Hedlund, Neste’s Digitalization Manager Rupesh More, Professor Arto Klami from University of Helsinki & FCAI, Orion’s Discovery Data Technology Lead Julius Sipilä and VTT’s Senior Scientist Antti Paajanen.

The Science Forum 2023 was an afternoon of inspiring talks on how digitalization can unlock new possibilities in the chemical industry. And Professor Arto Klami provided a reminder that digitalization doesn’t happen independently and when it comes to Human-AI collaboration, “the human is still in charge.”