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Terrafame joins Responsible Care

Terrafame, a member company of the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland, has committed to the industry’s Responsible Care sustainability program this fall. The program now includes nearly 100 chemical industry companies operating in Finland.

Terrafame is the most recent company to join the Responsible Care program. Terrafame aims for carbon neutrality by 2039 and is also part of the mining industry’s Towards Sustainable Mining sustainability program.

Terrafame aims to enable the electrification of transportation by providing responsibly produced battery chemicals. After launching the company’s battery chemical plant, 75% of the workforce and added value will come from the chemical industry, and 25% from the mining industry. CEO Joni Lukkaroinen sees great value in committing to sustainability programs tailored for both of its operations.

“Our carbon footprint is among the lowest in the world. Despite our excellent situation, we constantly strive to improve in sustainability, and the Responsible Care program provides a good framework for this,” commented Lukkaroinen.

Johanna Pentjärvi, Senior Sustainability Advisor at the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland, who oversees the Responsible Care program, is excited about having Terrafame onboard:

“It’s great to have a player from the battery value chain join the RC community. It’s important that the program includes a diverse range of companies sharing best practices and developing operations in the industry.”

Responsible Care is the chemical industry’s voluntary sustainability program, implemented in Finland for over 30 years. During those years, accidents involving companies committed to the program have decreased by 91%, energy consumption by 20%, water consumption by 60%, and greenhouse gas emissions by 32%.

In celebration of the Responsible Care program’s 30 year journey, the renewed focus areas for developing sustainability work are:

  1. Effective Voluntary Proactivity
  2. Nature Positive & Climate Neutral Chemistry
  3. Data as a Developer of Sustainability
  4. Diverse Working Life

Responsible Care is based on continuous improvement, sharing best practices, and annual reporting. You can read more about the program here.