The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland

The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland is governed by member companies making decisions in associations Spring and Autumn conventions. Association’s management includes the board, the board’s working committee and personnel working for the association.

The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland has committees, which supports the work and brings in member company input.

All in all, the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland has 13 member, cooperation and agreement associations. The Association of Environmental Enterprises, the Association of Finnish Paint Industry, the Finnish Bioindustries, the Finnish Boat Builders Employers' Association, the Finnish Cosmetic, Toiletry and Detergent Association, the Finnish Crop Protection Association, the Finnish Plastics Industries Federation, the Rubber Manufacturers' Association of Finland, Association of the Glass and Ceramic Industry, Oil Products Association, Employers' Association of (Finnish) Goldsmiths and Association of Finnish Shoe and Leather Industries.

The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland’s office is organized in four teams: Administration, Communications, Industrial Relations and Responsibility.

The Board:

Matti Lehmus, Chair of the Board, Executive Vice President, Renewables Platform at Neste Oyj
The list of other board members

The Management team members:

Mika Aalto, Director General
Susanna Aaltonen, Director, Communications
Minna Etu-Seppälä, Director, Industrial Relations
Sami Nikander, Director, Responsibility
Arja Puikkonen, Director, Administration