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The World Saving Game

“The World-saving Game” is a card game distributed to all 5th graders in Finland. It teaches resource wisdom as players contemplate ensuring sufficient resources for the planet. Solving climate change requires expertise in natural sciences and mathematics. The goal of “The World-saving Game” is to inspire children and young individuals to engage with mathematical and scientific subjects and develop an interest in matters of sustainability.

The World Saving Game is currently only available in Finnish

Brief Overview of the World Saving Game:

Duration: 10–20 minutes
Recommended Age: 10+ years
Number of Players: 3–6

In the World Saving Game, countries around the world strive to develop new technology to meet the needs of a growing population. Each player represents a country that develops technology and uses it to generate resources. As the game progresses, resource production becomes more challenging, and if the technology hasn’t been developed efficiently enough, players may have to pay penalty fees. The winner of the game is the country that successfully develops the most efficient technology, resulting in the highest resource production. Achieving this requires a combination of competition and collaboration.

The game has been produced by the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland (Kemianteollisuus ry), and it was designed by Petri Savola, Jani Moliis, and Tero Moliis.