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Key messages for the EU term 2024-2029

The chemical industry actively influences EU decision-making. Here you can find our key messages for the upcoming EU term.

Sustainable Chemical Industry as Ensurer of EU’s Strategic Competitiveness

The starting points for achieving strategic autonomy and, more broadly, competitiveness in the chemical industry operating in Finland are excellent. Finland has natural resources to offer, as well as technological and refining expertise in both processes and circular economy solutions, along with high-carbon footprint solutions to global challenges. Additionally, we have a European perspective on a good energy system, which produces emission-free electricity needed for the digital green transition at competitive prices. In all European decision-making, we must shift our thinking to how Finland benefits from these competitive advantages. It is important that European industrial policy supports the achievement of strategic competitiveness.

1. Strategic Competitiveness as Finland’s Strength

The European Union’s industrial policy must be harnessed to support strategic competitiveness

2. Improved Regulation

Enhanced Functionality of the Single Market

Less regulation and more investment in promoting employment and improving the availability of skilled workers.

The future of the pharmaceutical sector must be ensured in the European Union

3. Green Digital Transition

The green and digital transition requires better implementation of the Green Deal.

Climate and energy goals for the period 2030–2040

4. The Chemical Industry Requires Alternative Sources of Raw Materials

Regulatory Framework for Renewable and Circular Economy-Based Raw Material Sources