AGA: Shielding gas preventing food dilapidation

Food packed in ordinary plastic film only remains edible for a few days. The poor keeping quality of packed food gives rise to extra costs especially to catering kitchens, which produce a lot of food a day for transportation to different customers.

AGA has developed shielding gas packaging, which allows keeping products fresh and attractive and maintaining high quality. It also allows reducing the use of additives in food. Shielding gas packaging reduces the growth of bacteria and mildew, the oxidisation of grease, and vitamin evaporation. Processed food is prepared, packed in a box and cooled, after which shielding gas is introduced in the box.

− Shielding gas packaging is used in kitchens that deliver food to a broad clientele. This provides customers with fresh, high quality food. The producer of the food can prepare the food more cost efficiently when the food keeps longer, says Ritva Poutanen, AGA’s Account Manager.

The composition of AGA’s shielding gas mixture is carefully controlled and as a rule includes gases typically found in breathing air: carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen.

Gas packaging reduces the use of additives in food