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Orion: A safer sedative for intensive care

The use of sedatives in intensive care has aroused a lot of debate in the last few years. Opiates, benzodiazepines and profol used in medicine have been considered safe, but according to research they can cause addiction and increased mental confusion among patents.

Orion launched a new type of medicine in 2011 with the intention to reduce the risks associated with sedatives.

− Dexdor is used as a sedating medicine for adult intensive care patients whose level of consciousness need not be reduced significantly but enough so that the patient can be woken up by speaking to him/her. It does not cause addiction or mental confusion. It makes it easier to treat the patient, says Päivi Aho from Orion Pharma.

Dexdor, a Finnish innovation, is the first new intensive care sedative in Europe for more than a decade. It received a Europe-wide sales permit in 2011 and is now in use throughout Europe except for Portugal. In Finland, it is used in almost all central hospitals and smaller hospitals.

Photo: Orion

The product does not cause addiction or mental confusion