Foreign trade

Finnish Chemical Sector Exports Monthly

In 2018, exports of Finnish Chemical Sector amounted approx. to 12.3 billion.

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Exports of goods by sector

Chemical Sector is among the two biggest export sectors in Finland. In 2018, exports of Finnish Chem...

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Chemical exports 2017

The Chemical Sector’s share of Finnish exports is one fifth. In 2018, the value of Finnish Chemical ...

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Chemical product group export, trend, EUR

In 2018, exports of Finnish chemical sector amounted approx. to 12.4 billion. Of that approx. 40% oi...

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Finnish Chemical Sector value of exports

Chemical Sector Exports at EUR 12 billion level. The year 2019 start is at the same level with 2018.

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Chemical industry exports to Russia

The biggest Chemical Sector export product group to Russia is Basic and Specialty Chemicals.

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Chemical industry exports to Russia

In 2018, Finnish Chemical Sector Exports to Russia amounted EUR 860 million, which is approx. 7% of ...

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Export destinations

The largest export countries of the Finnish Chemical Sector are Sweden, Netherlands and Germany. The...

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Finnish export of goods by sector (%)

In 2018, the chemical sector accounted for 19 per cent of  exports of goods from Finland. The Chemic...

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Chemical sector import countries

The largest Chemical Sector Importer Countries to Finland are Germany, Sweden and Russia. The ten la...

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Chemical sector balance of trade, EUR

In 2018, the value of exports came to EUR 12.3 billion, while imports totalled EUR 10.9 billion.

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Chemical imports

In 2018, the value of Chemical Sector Imports to Finland totalled approximately EUR 11 billion. Oil ...

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