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Samu Eräkanto, Nokian Tyres: A Summer of Communications at Nokian Tyres

Hi! I’m Samu, and I’m working as a Communications Summer Trainee at Nokian Tyres.

A little background for starters. I’m a Master’s student in Media studies at Tampere University. Media studies falls under multidisciplinary communication studies, which is a mixture of interlinked themes and subjects. There’s everything from traditional and new media to games, journalism, communication, and information research. For the time being I’ve wound up working in communications.

This internship at Nokian Tyres is my second one in the field of communications, the first being in a public health care company. The two differ a lot, but there are also similarities, which is exactly why I sought this position. Communications never stops developing, and in this constantly changing digital age, there’s no sense in locking yourself out of different viewpoints. For me as a student, this means seeking out diverse opportunities for a comprehensive picture of what’s going on in my field.

I’ve been working at Nokian Tyres for about a month and a half now. The time has included a lot, from onboarding and meeting new people to learning the ropes of our working methods and digital collaboration systems. My job description keeps steadily evolving, and even the more mundane tasks have managed to surprise me with curveballs. I’m looking at you, stock exchange releases!

These days communication can be done anywhere at any moment. I think recognizing this and working towards applicable communication tools and procedures for everyone at the workplace is crucial for a sustainable working environment. I’m glad to see the how Nokian Tyres has embraced the flexibility of remote work, and it’s something I’ll be bringing with me going forward.

Sustainability in general is also interesting, and one of the themes I’m working with. Though I’m no chemist or engineer, I get to see sustainability work every day. I get to research it and communicate it to our teams, which in turn might boost their work. I also get to satisfy my own curiosity regarding the subject. Sustainability and responsibility should be at the core of more than only the modern tire industry, so I’m pleased for any chance to learn about it. And I still have three months of work left!

Another core value for any company should be the people, and it is what I’m truly happy about at Nokian Tyres. Everyone I’ve met has been wonderful, and the people I work with every day are always helpful and encouraging—and really fun! I already feel a bit melancholy for when I eventually must leave, but until then, I’ll be sure to keep meeting people, laughing with them, and learning everything I can.

The sunniest of summers to all!

Samu Eräkanto

Communications Intern, Nokian Tyres