Positive to changing industrial relations 

The chemical industry is actively involved in building and developing the Finnish welfare state. We are part of the export industry, whose competitiveness is fundamental to our country’s success – now and in the future. In the chemical industry, we agree, not argue. 

Work changes, and so does the labour market 

Exports bring affluence and jobs to Finland. In the chemical industry, we strongly believe in local agreements. The best decisions are often made locally and under conditions that create work for as many as possible. 

In the chemical industry, we believe in industry and company specific solutions. We want to give employees and companies more freedom and choice.

Smooth cooperation with our partners allows the whole industry to focus on the work to create a well-functioning labour market. We maintain confidence in the labour market through continuous cooperation with our partners. 

In the future, we will see the employee side develop more and more in accordance with the international trend. The development is already under way in Europe, which puts pressure on Finland as well. Merging organisations and fewer collective agreements are the future.