Today, sustainability is an integral part of running a business. It is a precondition for the competitiveness of companies. The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland supports its member companies in their corporate responsibility work through training and advice, as well as through the voluntary, internationally recognized Responsible Care program.

The chemical industry is connected to all other industries, providing them with materials and solutions. Chemicals are a part of nearly all value chains and ecosystems in industry and commerce. This is why responsibility in the chemical industry also means responsibility in other industries. For instance, the circular economy would not exist without chemistry, as it is based on keeping molecules in circulation. Important materials can be collected by “disassembling” products destined for disposal, after which they are “reassembled” for a new purpose.

Common areas of sustainability for companies in the chemical industry include

  • Sustainable use of natural resources
  • Sustainable and safe production and products
  • Well-being of the work community
  • Transparency

The responsibility of companies can be assessed through many factors. Among the many aspects of business where responsibility plays an essential role are the acquisition of raw materials, production chains, product recyclability, safety issues and employer image. Corporate responsibility work requires awareness from the company, and the company must be able to inform users of the appropriate end use of the products. Diverse stakeholder communications are one way for a company to promote transparency in its business.

The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland aims to make its operations as transparent as possible. We are vocal about our views and open about our activities. Read more on our views in the We think section.