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Teknos: Reducing harmful atmospheric emissions to zero

Teknos, the Nordic market leader in industrial powder paints, has invested plentiful resources in the research and development of environmentally friendly products.

One such advance is the company’s reduction in its emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Because Teknos’ powder paints do not contain any solvents, their VOC emissions are zero. This makes them an environmentally friendly alternative for many industrial uses. In addition, any waste sprayed powder paint can be recovered and recycled, which also reduces waste.

Powder paints are used for the surface treatment of a wide range of metal products, for instance in the construction industry and machinery and equipment manufacturing. Examples of such industrial applications are ladders, façade cassettes and wheel rims. Powder painting is also used in the manufacture of consumer products, such as the frames of the popular Jopo bicycles and metal surfaces of household appliances.

Further improvements in environmental friendliness can be made by developing painting systems that define the paints and methods to be used in each case. The system selects the appropriate paint for the purpose that will have the lowest possible environmental impact while at the same time providing the necessary protection of the product from the weather and abrasion. Teknos’ water-thinned paints, low-solvent paints and solvent-free paints markedly reduce the amount of VOC emissions generated by painting.

Text by: Matti Remes
Photo by: Teknos