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Proposal for a New Government Decree on the Research and Innovation Council

Request for Comments from the Government Office of Finland, August 22, 2023

Finland’s success depends on its ability to innovate, create new solutions, drive economic growth, and address the challenges posed by the green transition. The proposal for a new government decree on the Research and Innovation Council (RIC) is a necessary reform that strengthens the council’s position, ensures the sustainability of its operations, and aids in strategic guidance.

The maintenance of our welfare society depends on economic growth. Therefore, it is crucial that growth and competitiveness are considered as part of the council’s scope. The description should align with the definition of the parliamentary RDI (Research, Development, and Innovation) working group, which emphasizes economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable growth.

Chemical Industry Finland (CIF) supports the expanded roles, such as initiating actions, promoting the national image, and strategically directing funding. We also find changes in the ministerial composition, leadership, and secretariat to be commendable. Engaging stakeholders and expert networks in strategic work is essential to make decisions based on comprehensive and accurate information. CIF further emphasizes the importance of having broad expertise in various policy areas, research, and especially in RDI activities within the business sector, represented both in the council and its preparatory secretariat. The long-term effectiveness of the Research and Innovation Council relies on functional cooperation, where different stakeholders are equally represented.

The Research and Innovation Council should strive for maximum societal impact through its actions and work actively and visibly. Clear metrics should be set for the council’s activities and the achievement of its goals, demonstrating impact in both the short and long term. This will allow us to confirm the growth of research, development, and innovation investments towards the targeted 4% of GDP and the journey towards becoming a global leader in RDI.