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Neste: Renewable diesel cuts emissions close to zero

Many environmentally conscious motorists are interested in ways to reduce their own carbon footprint. Electric cars have not yet become mainstream, and it is worth remembering that the emissions of combustion engines can also be significantly reduced.

This is possible with Neste MY Renewable Diesel, which Neste has developed to reduce environmentally harmful fuel emissions by up to 90 per cent.

The innovation is based on Neste’s NEXBTL technology, which was developed in Finland to allow different waste oils and residue to be used in the manufacture of renewable diesel. The process allows almost any vegetable oil or animal fat to be processed to produce a pure hydrocarbon mixture. Neste MY Renewable Diesel differs significantly from first-generation biodiesels, which require the use of vegetable oil derived from food crops.

Thanks to the high quality of Neste’s renewable diesel, it can be used without any need for modifications to existing diesel engines and distribution systems. The product is also cleaner than fossil-based diesel.

In just a few years, Neste has risen to become the world’s largest producer of renewable fuels produced from waste and residues. Neste manufactures its renewable fuels at its refineries in Porvoo, southern Finland, Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and Singapore. Between them, these refineries product about three billion litres of diesel per year.

The use of Neste’s renewable hydrocarbons to replace fossil-based raw materials is not confined to the transportation sector, however. Amongst other applications, they can be used in the manufacture of non-fossil-based solvents and plastics.

Text by: Matti Remes
Photo by: Neste