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MSK Group: The Nordic leader in energy efficiency

MSK Plast, a manufacturer of plastic parts, opened a new painting line at its production plant in Kauhava, western Finland, that makes it the most energy-efficient facility in its field in the Nordic countries. Both of the plant’s painting lines now recover waste heat generated at various stages of the painting process.

The recovered energy is used to heat supply air, service water and the factory buildings.

Up until now, this excess energy could not be recovered and was lost. According to MSK Plast’s calculations, the amount of energy saved annually by heat recovery would heat 410 homes throughout the year.

The company has made comprehensive improvements in energy efficiency through a holistic approach, identifying many investments and measures to save energy. Amongst other changes, almost all the old lighting in the production plant has been replaced with energy-saving LED lighting.

As well as saving money, improving energy efficiency is important for the company’s image. One of MSK Plast’s clients is Volvo Construction Equipment, a manufacturer which has set itself ambitious targets for improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions throughout its supply chain.

Text by: Matti Remes
Photo by: MSK Group Facebook