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Kiilto launches a New Future Ecosystem

SUPER Healthy Buildings aims to make environmentally friendly construction more efficient and profitable.

Finnish family-owned company and member of the Chemical Industry, Kiilto, is launching a groundbreaking SUPER Healthy Buildings ecosystem. The goal is to address global challenges caused by climate change by creating a future ecosystem based on the use of entirely renewable natural resources.

– The goal is to build structures in the future that are environmentally and people-friendly, says Raija Polvinen, Chief Ecosystem Officer at Kiilto.

Construction accounts for 40 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. The SUPER Healthy Buildings project aims to renovate the building stock and reform construction methods. To make these changes possible, the entire chain of companies, organizations, and other stakeholders needs to be involved. In addition, legislation and standardization need to be updated at both the EU and international levels. Circular economy thinking is already at the heart of many companies’ operations, so the intention now is to take action.

The project’s name SUPER stands for sustainable, productive, ecological, and reusable. The goal is for environmentally friendly construction to streamline processes and thus be profitable. In addition to environmental friendliness, future construction must also consider the healthiness of buildings. According to the WHO, 3.8 million people worldwide die annually due to poor indoor air quality.

The project’s launch will take place on September 14, 2023, at Pikku-Finlandia. More information about the program and speakers can be found here.

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For more information: Raija Polvinen Chief Ecosystem Officer Kiilto +358 400 818 833