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Finnish chemical companies are actively fighting the coronavirus

We all need chemistry – and even more so during the global crisis the coronavirus has caused. Numerous chemical industry products are vital necessities in society: medical products, disinfectants, fuels and solutions for transport, water solutions and fertilizers. Finnish chemical industry companies are fighting the coronavirus.

The Finnish chemicals industry companies are determined to do their part in fighting the coronavirus.

Ski wax technologies company Vauhti Speed has made changes in its production line to produce hand sanitizers for the growing demand. 

Kiilto responds to increased demand by extending production of hand disinfection products to the Hankasalmi factory. Also, Kiilto is donating millions of kronor to Radiohjälpen – supporting coronavirus risk groups in Sweden. 

Kemira celebrates its 100th anniversary by donating EUR 100,000 to the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund to help fund essential supplies such as masks, gloves and other protective gear for front line health care workers.

Neste has joined an alliance of cross-party political decision-makers, businesses, NGOs and other stakeholders in a call for a Green Recovery after the coronavirus crisis in Europe. Earlier Neste was among a group of Finnish companies that started flying coronavirus samples to South Korea. 

Due to rapidly growing demand, Berner has tenfolded its hand sanitizer production in its Heinävesi site.