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The search for the Millennium Technology Prize Laureates is on

Nominations are sought from universities, academies, research institutes and industrial organizations all over the world. Every eligible organization has the opportunity to nominate candidates from all fields of technology except for military technology.

Nomination material must be provided in English and delivered to Technology Academy Finland by 31st July 2013 through a secure web based system. 

The Committee members are selected by the Board of Technology Academy Finland based on proposals made by Aalto University. The term of each Committee member is eight years at maximum i.e. four rounds.

During its 10-year history Millennium Technology Prize has been awarded to 11 innovations that have a positive impact on the quality of life.

The first Millennium Technology Prize was awarded to professor Tim Berners-Lee for his ground-breaking work on World Wide Web. The most recent winners of the prize are Linus Torvalds and Shinya Yamanaka, who were awarded in 2012. 


Technology Academy Finland