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Orion Pharma and PerkinElmer to receive the Innovation Award granted by the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland

The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland has granted its 2014 Innovation Award to two companies: Orion Pharma for developing a medical treatment for the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, and PerkinElmer for developing a method for screening immunodeficiency in newborns. The companies received an equal share of the 20,000 euro award at the association’s 15 April 2014 Theme Forum.

The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland established the Innovation Award to encourage research and product development teams of companies, universities and research institutes to develop new chemical products and services.

“Innovation Award winners are excellent examples of Finnish high-tech knowhow and the fact that a lot of new ground is broken and many good things are happening in Finland. The winners represent the chemical industry at its best – inventions and innovations which promote well-being and improve the society,” said Timo Leppä, director general of The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland. 

The Innovation Award winners were selected by the Scientific Advisory Board of the Chemical Industry.  The 2014 competition hit a record number of applicants, indicating that the bioeconomy has shifted to a higher gear. The quality of applicants was also high.

“All of the applications were related to energy, natural resources, clean water, nutrition, health and well-being, traffic or climate change. Chemistry lies in the heart of all of these matters. This time the award goes to health-care innovations which can significantly improve the quality of our lives,” said Carmela Kantor-Aaltonen, secretary of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Chemical Industry.

Orion Pharma – A new medical treatment for the neuropsychiatric symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

As the population grows older, the disorders related to Alzheimer’s disease becomes an increasingly significant problem. Orion Pharma has invented a medical treatment which utilises a completely new set of mechanisms to combat the symptoms of the disease. After synthesis and extensive studies, the new treatment is currently in clinical development. Further development is carried out in co-operation with one of the industry giants, Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Initial clinical trials have demonstrated the drug’s effectiveness in Alzheimer’s patients. Orion Pharma is the only known company to develop a treatment based on the specific drug action mechanisms.

PerkinElmer – A system for screening Severe Combined Immunodeficiency in newborns

Developed by PerkinElmer, the EnLite Neonatal TREC system is the world’s first diagnostic product for screening Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID), a genetic disorder affecting small children. The screening method allows hospitals to identify children with SCID immediately after they are born.  For patients treated within 6 months of birth, the recovery rate is greater than 95 percent. Left untreated, the disorder results in death within the first two years of life.

The unique feature in the invention of PerkinElmer’s Turku product development unit is that SCID screening does not require an additional DNA separation process. 


The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland

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