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Green And Sustainable Chemistry Bootcamp in Helsinki in March

John Warner is one of the founders of green chemistry and the Chief Technology Officer of Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry. Cefic has partnered with John Warner to organise a series of bootcamps on Green and Sustainable Chemistry for its members and other stakeholders.After two successful bootcamps in Belgium in 2019, Cefic is now coming to Helsinki, Finland. The first bootcamp is on 9-10 March and the other on 12-13 March.

The objective on the bootcamp is to address concerns of the general public about chemicals impacting human health and the environment and support chemical enterprises on how to better explain and address these concerns.

See the video and learn more about John Warner here. 

The workshop covers topics such as managing risk and safety by design, innovation for sustainability solutions, toxicology for chemists, biomimicry and circular economy, green chemistry and plastics in the environment.

The first Green and Sustainable chemistry bootcamp was held in Brussels in autumn 2019. 

The Green and Sustainable Chemistry bootcamps are aimed at member companies of the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland (Kemianteollisuus ry), adminstration and authorities, universities and research centres. 

Learn more about the Green and Sustainable Chemistry and contact Cefioc for more information here.