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First-ever Responsible Care energy efficiency award to GSK

The first-ever Responsible Care Energy Efficiency Special Award was won by GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals for their project “GSK Irvine Sustainable manufacturing programme”.

The GSK Pharmaceuticals site in Irvine, Scotland – the largest energy and water consumer of the group’s 80 manufacturing sites worldwide – won the award thanks to its outstanding track record in reaching greater energy efficiency.

Sjoerd Looijs, who leads Responsible Care efforts at Cefic, said: “It was high time for the energy efficiency initiatives by chemical companies also to be recognised as part of the industry’s Responsible Care award scheme.”

The Responsible Care Energy Efficiency Special Award was given out in collaboration with the two-year SPiCE3 project and aims to recognize the most outstanding achievements designed to enable energy efficiency improvements across the European chemical industry, particularly in SMEs