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Finnish Science Prize to Academy Professor Kari Alitalo

The Finnish Science Prize 2013 has been awarded to Academy Professor Kari Alitalo.

Academy Professor Alitalo has headed the Molecular Cancer Biology Research Programme at the University of Helsinki since 1999. Alitalo’s research team is working to investigate vascular growth factors with a view to facilitating therapeutics development for cancer and cardiovascular diseases. 

The aim of the research team is to identify new cancer mechanisms, and on the basis of these findings to develop treatments that make use of the dependence of tumours on surrounding healthy tissue.

The studies on the molecular-level mechanisms underlying the onset and growth of cancer have already resulted in a number of scientific breakthroughs. 

The Finnish Science Prize, worth 85,000 euros, is awarded every second year in recognition of high-standard scientific research to a researcher or a research team working in Finland.


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