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Chemical industry passes second REACH registration deadline

The chemical industry has met the second REACH deadline today, registering chemical substances that are manufactured or imported in quantities of more than 100 tonnes per year.

The REACH deadline for registering substances manufactured or imported in quantities of 100 to 1 000 tonnes per annum was 24:00 (BST) on 31 May 2013. The most hazardous substances in this tonnage band had to be registered already for the 1 December 2010 registration deadline.

By the 31 May 2013, 3 215 companies have submitted 9 084 registration dossiers to ECHA. 20 % of all registrations were submitted by micro, small or medium sized companies and 80 % came from large companies. 23 % of the registrations were made by ‘only representatives’ on behalf of non-European companies. 

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