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The Finnish chemical industry’s greenhouse gas emissions keep on declining, while advancing towards carbon neutrality in 2045

The 2018 results of the Responsible Care programme of the Finnish chemical industry tell of good development towards increasingly more sustainable production. The greenhouse gas emissions of the industry’s production have significantly decreased. Furthermore, the by-products and waste generated during production are utilised almost entirely.

Chemical Industry of Finland is striving for making Finnish chemical sector carbon neutral by the year 2045. Work for reducing the industry’s carbon footprint has been ongoing for a long time and greenhouse gas emissions have fallen by more than 30 per cent since 1999.

‘Reducing the production’s footprint has been the whole industry’s shared responsibility. In the chemical industry, the work has been done by developing processes and switching to using as low-emission energy as possible,’ says Rasmus Pinomaa, the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland’s Senior Advisor responsible for the Carbon neutral chemistry 2045 goal.

‘However, to reach the carbon neutrality goals, we need innovative new solutions alongside the continuous improvement,’ Pinomaa reminds.

The chemical industry companies are at the centre of the circular economy and they intensify their own resource efficiency and offer solutions to other agents. 

‘We specified the reporting in 2018 and in the future we will get even more detailed information about the material and energy flow of the industry. Based on the results, resources are used efficiently in the chemical industry’s processes,’ explains Johanna Pentjärvi, Senior Advisor with the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland.

‘Only 1.73% of material streams leaving the production process are by-products and waste materials. Of these by-products and waste materials leaving the production process, 64 per cent are used as raw material in other processes and 31 per cent goes to energy use,’ specifies Pentjärvi.

‘Our continuous efforts to develop safety culture do pay off, since the number of occupational lost time injuries keeps on declining,’ Pentjärvi continues.

Key results of the Responsible Care programme in 2018 (comparison figure from 2017 in brackets):

  • Greenhouse gas emissions 204 gCO2e per produced kg (227)
  • Of the material streams leaving the production process 73% (1) are by-products and waste material
  • Of the by-products and waste leaving the production process, 95 per cent (88) are utilised as material and energy
  • Lost time injuries frequency rate (LTI3, employees) 4.5 accidents per 1 million hours worked (5.0)
  • Lost time injuries frequency rate (LTI1, employees) 6.7 accidents per 1 million hours worked (8.0)


See the results of the Responsible Care programme online:

Responsible Care is an international responsibility programme of the chemical industry, supporting sustainable development. The programme has been guiding the industry in Finland for 27 years. Currently 98 chemical industry companies are committed to the Responsible Care programme and it covers about 80 per cent of the industry’s production and 60 per cent of its personnel.

Annually, the summarised information from about 30 different subject areas is reported and the information shows the progress of the companies participating in the sustainability work. The information showcases, among others, the chemical industry’s efforts, resource efficiency, emissions, safety and occupational well-being, product chain and interaction and cooperation.

The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland coordinates the implementation of the programme. The Industrial Union, Trade Union Pro and the Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff participate in programme monitoring and development.

The chemical industry is one of the most significant industries in Finland. It constitutes about one fifth of all industrial production and export of goods. The industry employs nearly 100,000 Finns directly, indirectly and through income effects.


For additional information, please contact:

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Johanna Pentjärvi, Senior Advisor, Responsible Care programme, +358 40 570 3920,
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Rasmus Pinomaa, Senior Advisor, Carbon neutral chemistry 2045, +358 40 586 3705,
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