Responsibility for products

For the chemicals industry, product liability means safe products, responsible supply chains and production processes consistent with sound health and environmental policies and corporate social responsibility.

Chemistry is an enabling science. It helps modify materials and develop applications that contribute to wellbeing. All products generated as a result of innovative processes must be assessed in terms of safety that covers their entire life cycle from raw materials and manufacture to consumption, recyclability and disposal.

The REACH Regulation and the CPL Regulation regarding the classification, labelling and packaging of chemical substances impose stringent requirements for the determination of the properties and safe use of chemicals. Additionally, a wide range of product-related regulations impose responsibilities to disclose the composition of products and related requirements. The harmonised chemical regulations adopted by the EU enable free movement of chemicals within the EU. The chemicals industry works in close collaboration with the authorities to ensure that the regulations are enforced equitably and that they are developed on the basis of scientific evidence.