Report: How did Estonia achieve first place in PISA and why has Finland fallen behind?

News | 2023-01-17

Finland has always been among the leading countries in knowledge and skills, and Finland’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) scores have been a cause of pride. However, the decrease in Finnish students’ PISA scores has raised concerns in recent years. While Finland’s PISA scores are falling, Estonia has steadily climbed to first place in Europe and also to the top positions globally. In the previous PISA survey conducted in 2018, Estonian students already outperformed Finnish students in all areas. A recent report is now available in English.

The report was commissioned by Finnish Energy (ET), the Union of Professional Engineers, the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland,  the Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences (Loimu), and Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland (TEK). This report was funded through aid granted by the foundation of the Confederation of Finnish Industry and Employers (TT).

How did Estonia achieve first place in PISA and why has Finland fallen behind? Eight key questions that require urgent answers

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