EU chemicals sector grew modestly in the first ten months of 2014

Press releases | 2015-01-27

European chemical output edged up just 0.7 per cent during the first ten months of 2014 on a year-on-year basis, according to the latest Cefic Chemicals Trends Report. L

Latest monthly data show contraction in October, down 1.2 per cent compared to October 2013. EU chemicals prices were lower in October, whilst sales during the first nine months of the year were unchanged.

By end-September, European chemicals sales were only 0.7 per cent below the peak achieved six years ago, in 2008. Net exports of EU chemicals reached €33.1 billion for the first nine months of 2014, slipping somewhat from last year’s record. Employment rose for the fourth consecutive quarter since Q4-2013. Chemical industry confidence worsened slightly in November 2014 compared to October of the same year.

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Cefic Chemical Trends Report 2014 
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