Cap the Carbon! Aiming for a Climate Neutral Finland published

News | 2021-05-12

The Chemical Industry combats climate change by controlling the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere and by using carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as raw material. At the same time, we foster wellbeing in Finland by creating tens of thousands of new jobs and producing tens of billions of euros worth of export products. Cap the Carbon! focuses on what needs to be done to achieve carbon neutrality.

Cap the Carbon! Aiming for a Climate Neutral Finland contains the main areas of actions and principles on achieving climate neutral chemical industry in Finland. The brochure presents examples of climate neutral activities and initiatives in chemical industry companies. It also opens up the concepts and actions needed in achieving the goal. 

The brochure is a summary of studies conducted for the Climate Neutral Chemistry project in
2018–2021. These comprehensive studies were aimed at increasing the understanding on how the chemical industry in Finland could become climate neutral. 

The brochure contains cases of neutral climate activities from Kiilto, Kemira, Borealis Polymers, Neste, Yara, St1, Teknos, Molok, Nornickel and Orthex.


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