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Press releases | 2019-06-26

The Finnish chemical industry's greenhouse gas emissions keep on declining, while advancing towards carbon neutrality in 2045

Press releases | 2019-04-16

The Finnish chemical industry’s Safety Award highlighted goal-oriented operations, new initiative and safety skills among young people

Press releases | 2019-03-11

Carbon neutral chemistry 2045 – The chemical industry in Finland set an ambitious goal

Press releases | 2018-04-26

The 2017 results of the Finnish Chemical Industry’s Responsible Care programme: An important milestone reached with regard to occupational safety

Press releases | 2018-04-17

The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland’s Innovation Awards go to the fighters against antibiotic resistance and Parkinsons’ disease

Press releases | 2017-05-12

Occupational safety in the Finnish chemical industry shows positive progress

Press releases | 2016-05-09

Åbo Akademi University research group and UPM have been awarded the Chemical Industry Federation Innovation Award

Press releases | 2016-05-03

Results of the Responsible Care programme of the chemical industry in 2015 ‒ Indicators for circular economy included for the first time

Press releases | 2015-09-01

The Responsible Care programme now accounts for occupational well-being indicators

Press releases | 2015-03-17

BioFinland prize to Biovian Oy

Press releases | 2015-01-27

EU chemicals sector grew modestly in the first ten months of 2014