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News | 2023-01-17

Report: How did Estonia achieve first place in PISA and why has Finland fallen behind?

News | 2022-11-29

What direction will the chemical industry’s responsibility activities take in the 2030s? New focus areas for the Responsible Care programme

News | 2022-03-30

Green economy increasingly important for companies

News | 2022-03-04

EK Webinar: Finnish perspective to Ukraine invasion and sanctions against Russia on Monday 7 March at 3:30–4:30 p.m.

News | 2021-12-21

Chemical industry needs diverse skills sets and provides information on career opportunities for future professionals in Finland - Jobs that change the world

News | 2021-09-28

Strategic competence in Kemira – wow-moments and challenges

News | 2021-06-11

Save the Date: Science Forum October 6th 2021

News | 2021-05-25

The Finnish Climate Launchpad 2021

News | 2021-05-12

Cap the Carbon! Aiming for a Climate Neutral Finland published

News | 2021-04-29

The 12th Helsinki Chemicals Forum united top experts and brought key chemical safety issues into the global debate

News | 2021-04-20

The Helsinki Chemicals Forum 2021 conference as a virtual event 27-28 April

News | 2021-02-22

Helsinki Chemicals Forum launches 2021 virtual edition with debates on key global topics in chemicals regulations and top voices

News | 2021-02-09

EU renewable energy rules – review, public consultation

News | 2021-02-09

EU energy efficiency directive (EED) – evaluation and review, public consultation

News | 2021-02-05

Climate change – updating the EU emissions trading system (ETS), public consultation

News | 2021-01-12

ChemBio Finland will be rescheduled to 2022, in April this year a virtual event will be organised

News | 2020-12-15

Kemira 100 years - watch the video and read more

News | 2020-11-12

Petri Lehmus: Solving big challenges calls for joint efforts and bold R&D investments

News | 2020-11-11

Cefic: Chemical Recycling - Making Plastics Circular

News | 2020-11-04

Welcome to SusChem Finland Startup Forum 17.11.2020

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