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Chemical Industry | 2021-08-30

The significance of vocational education for the chemical industry

Chemical industry competence mapping for vocational education 2021

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Responsible Care | 2021-05-28

Strategic capabilities for carbon neutrality in the chemical industry

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Responsible Care | 2021-05-18

Cap the Carbon! Aiming for a Climate Neutral Finland

The Chemical Industry combats climate change by controlling the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere and by using carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as raw material. At the same time, we foster wellbeing in Finland by creating tens of thousands of new jobs and producing tens of billions of euros worth of export products. Cap the Carbon! focuses on what needs to be done to achieve carbon neutrality.

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Chemical Industry | 2019-06-11

Circular economy - example cases from the Chemical Industry in Finland

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Chemical Industry | 2019-02-05

Mapping of skills in the chemical industry 2018

Education gives the basics - Working makes you a professional

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Chemical Industry | 2018-11-09

A Guide for Better Work

The Centre for Occupational Safety’s publication A Guide for Better Work is now available in English. The publication originates from the Hyvää huomista (Responsibility of Good Tomorrow) collaboration, a joint program of the chemical sector labour market organisations.

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Responsible Care | 2016-04-27

Responsible Care - Progress Report 2015

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Responsible Care | 2014-06-02

Responsible Care - Progress Report 2014

The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland’s international Responsible Care programme is the oldest voluntary industry programme supporting sustainability in Finland. For over 20 years, Responsible Care has served as the operating model and approach used in matters related to sustainability in the Finnish chemical industry.

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Chemical Industry | 2013-06-07

Future with Chemistry

A group of Aalto University Student's participated in an eight-month project to find ways to create ideas on how the image of the chemical industry of Finland could be enhanced. The project team received this brief in the IDBM project kick-off in September 2012. Read the full report! 2013

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Responsible Care | 2013-05-03

Responsible Care

Responsible Care is looking at the future challenges of sustainable development. Results obtained through the programme come from systematic everyday actions and sharing best practices.

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Responsible Care | 2012-09-11

Responsible Care: Progress report 2012

The chemical industry’s international Responsible Care programme is the oldest and most recognised voluntary programme supporting sustainable development in any industry. For as long as 20 years, the programme has served as the operating model and approach used in matters related to sustainable development in the chemical industry.

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Responsible Care | 2011-09-24

Responsible Care: Progress Report 2011

The Finnish Responsible Care programme covers over 80 per cent of the production of the chemical industry. The 107 chemical industry companies committed to the Responsible Care programme employ over 20,000 people. Companies join the programme voluntarily. Progress is being monitored using both national and company-specific indicators of performance. In Finland, the programme is co-ordinated by the Chemical Industry Federation.

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