National energy and climate strategy

The chemical industry supports the objectives of the national energy and climate strategy. What is needed is practical implementation that also takes the competitiveness of manufacturing into account. In addition, we need strong national influence within the EU in order to increase the use of renewable fuels across the whole of Europe.

The strategy, released in 2016, states concrete objectives and measures with which Finland can become more carbon neutral and fulfil its own and the EU’s energy and climate objectives. 

  • It is a good idea to increase the use of renewable fuels in transportation
  • Many towns are already warmed by industrial process heat: even more could do the same!
  • The process industry needs continuous and stable power at a competitive price
  • Contractual energy efficiency work has proved its effectiveness

Traffic needs renewable fuels – both in Finland and across the rest of Europe

Increasing the share of renewable fuels in traffic (target of 40%) is a sustainable objective as long as combustion engines are in use. Finland has transport fuel-related high-tech know-how and the related business, the success of which is also in Finland’s interests. In addition to renewable fuels, increasing the use of biogas and hydrogen is a beneficial and sustainable goal.

Industrial process heat has untapped potential

The process heat of the chemical industry is already used to warm many towns, such as Siilinjärvi and Riihimäki. There is still a lot of potential in taking advantage of industrial process heat. The use of process heat should be encouraged and it should be available even if it originated from a fossil source.

Sami Nikander
Director, Responsibility
M.Sc. (Env. Eng.), B.Eng. (Biotech.)

+358 40 567 4413