Innovation Funding and R&D

The only way the chemical industry can maintain its competitiveness is by constant reform. This is where inventions and innovation play a key role. New innovations require high-class science and research performed in universities and research institutes, and product development performed by companies.

We need more ecosystems where different parties, such as academies, universities, research institutes, and companies, cooperate in long-term technological development. The key areas of development include circular economy, digitalisation, energy technology, and health technology.

The Finnish innovation system should be changed in a way that it supports business development in Finland.

  • Introducing a partnership model for the Finnish public and private sector: PPP (public-private partnership)
  • Allocating innovation funding to the key factors of chemical industry that have a great growth potential
  • Additional funding for supporting the final, high-risk stages of innovation processes (piloting, demostrating, and applied research)

The full picture creates growth and jobs

A key question for the future of Finland is what kinds of collaboration platforms promote innovation and exports. The current challenge is that research funding is fragmented, and that it is not easy for SMEs to find funding. New starts find funding more easily than scaling and experimenting. Big companies are important partners and pioneers of ecosystems for smaller operators.

Chemistry and biotechnology are future key factors

The importance of molecular competence is constantly growing on all fields of process industry. Years of hard work have created a good knowledge base within Finnish companies, universities and research institutes, and this knowledge should be fostered and developed further.


Carmela Kantor-Aaltonen
Senior advisor, Innovations
Licenciate of Philosophy (Biochemistry)

+358 50 4045 166