Sustainable solutions

The chemical industry enables sustainable development. To create sustainable solutions, we need cooperation to promote innovation and legislation that encourages a circular economy.


  • Smart regulations
    • Finland is heavily involved in the creation of new climate, energy, environmental, chemical and waste legislation for the EU
    • The companies’ independent work and supervision have proven to be effective and should be recognised as part of the regulations
  • Promoting circular economy
    • A circular economy requires coordinating many different areas of legislation. The possibilities for recycling waste and by-product streams should be improved, without compromising safety
    • In the use of natural resources, sustainability should be measured in relation to the amounts produced, not as an absolute value for the consumption of resources
  • A well-functioning energy system
    • The climate is global. In the fight against climate change, the focus should therefore be moved from Finland and the EU to the international level
    • The Finnish energy system must be developed to further lower emissions, improve reliability and make the prices more competitive

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