Labour market of the future

The chemical industry is a sector of high expertise that employs almost 100,000* Finnish people. The labour market of the future needs skilled workers and encourages both working and commissioning work.


  • A well functioning education system, skilled people
    • An education system that is based on the needs of the labour market and has sufficient resources supports employment and reform
    • Updating one’s own skills and getting recognition for skills acquired earlier should be made easier
  • Work is always worthwhile
    • Accepting and offering work should be made more attractive through the elimination of welfare traps and obstacles for employment
    • Facilitating employment also through labour migration and integration of foreign students in Finland
    • The labour market legislation allows for company-specific solutions
  • Legislation supporting industrial peace
    • Legislation supporting industrial peace to maintain a culture, where disagreements are primarily settled through negotiations
    • The agreed industrial peace must be kept and disproportionate support measures avoided


*33,400 people employed directly. Nearly 100,000 people directly, indirectly and through the income created by the industry.

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