Continuous renewal

The chemical industry invests more than one billion euros in Finland every year, whereof R&D investments constitute around 400 million. Continuous renewal is possible only in a competitive environment.


  • An internationally competitive cost level
    • The cost level in comparison to the main competitor countries is crucial when it comes to investments in production
    • By taking the preferred solutions in other countries and the EU into account when determining our own fees and taxes, we can make sure that we are on an equal footing
  • Making Finland attractive for investors
    • A coherent, predictable and competitive regulatory environment, combined with smooth licensing and planning, attracts investors
    • In industry, the new and the old often coexist, and it is therefore important to take care of the operational environment of the current business
  • A supportive RDI environment for businesses
    • We should create incentives for international businesses to place their RDI activities in Finland
    • A revived RDI environment requires development of the research infrastructure, cooperation between businesses, universities and research institutions and business-oriented public R&D funding

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