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News | 2020-12-15

Kemira 100 years - watch the video and read more

News | 2020-11-12

Petri Lehmus: Solving big challenges calls for joint efforts and bold R&D investments

News | 2020-11-11

Cefic: Chemical Recycling - Making Plastics Circular

News | 2020-11-04

Welcome to SusChem Finland Startup Forum 17.11.2020

News | 2020-10-13

Record number of Responsible Care awards showcase chemical industry’s essential role in the fight against COVID-19

Press releases | 2020-10-06

Orion Pharma wins Chemical Industry Federation of Finland’s Innovation Award for drug to treat prostate cancer

News | 2020-06-09

The Finnish chemical industry's roadmap to carbon neutrality has been published

Press releases | 2020-05-19

All in one place: Sustainable circular economy business models for chemical industry companies

Press releases | 2020-05-19

Fresh from the press: Sustainable and circular business models for the chemical industry

Press releases | 2020-05-18

Responsible Care 2019 results published – efforts in the chemical industry to promote sustainable production and occupational health and safety pay off

News | 2020-05-06

Cefic: Our Industry’s Response To COVID-19

News | 2020-05-04

Finnish chemical companies are actively fighting the coronavirus

News | 2020-02-28

Green And Sustainable Chemistry Bootcamp in Helsinki in March