Responsibility of good tomorrow

Well-being at the workplace is important throughout the chemical industry.  Responsibility of good tomorrow (Hyvää huomista) is a joint occupational well-being project by labour market organisations in the chemical industry, i.e. the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland, the Industrial Union TEAM, the Trade Union Pro and the Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff YTN. It centres around the companies’ own occupational well-being projects and information about these. 

Responsibility of good tomorrow (Hyvää huomista in Finnish) was launched in 2010. It is based on the collective agreements of the industry. Within the project, companies work with well-being from many points of view through good leadership, work community skills, enthusiasm and development of competence. The approach is broad. Cooperation is at the centre of everything.

The goals of the project are to promote well-being at work, develop expertise, achieving longer careers, reduce sick leaves and increase productivity. The project involves creating new practices and tools, networking and sharing information. The results are monitored on the company and industry level.

Learn more on the project website.