The local collective bargaining sparring events to improve co-operation and create a basis for workplace-level agreements

The Chemical Industry Federation, Industrial Union and Trade Union Pro´ common goal is to provide assistance for the companies of Chemical Industry Federation to improve local collective bargaining to more suitable in changing work life and maintain the good culture of negotiating.

The sparring event provides good opportunity to discuss the results of the co-operation level survey or to have an independent dialogue. With the conversation can be found the strength and development targets and decide the next steps and schedule for these. In addition, the federations want to hear and learn of the successes in local collective bargaining, possible fails as well as receive ideas of the improvement targets in local collective bargaining. 

The duration of the sparring event is approximately 1,5-2 hours. It can be held via Teams or at the company. To sparring event join representatives from the federations as well as the company chosen representative. 

You can book a sparring event sending email to [email protected]

Please inform the below mentioned information in email:

  • email addressed where the invite should be sent
  • Do you wish to have the event via Teams or at the workplace, kindly state the city
  • Message to the federations´ representatives
  • Contact person´s name and phone number