Areas of operation

Member services

Education, expert assistance and solutions, network building, member communications

      Training, counselling and expert assistance services to member companies
      Internal committee work
      Member communications, events and projects
      The Responsible Care programme
      Supportive networks, the best industry for occupational well-being by 2020
      Settling disputes, representing member companies in courts
      Negotiating collective agreements for the chemical industry
      Cooperation platforms for youth and educational institute communications

Interest representation

Regulation, agreements, taxation, permit processes and public funding

      Bioeconomy and circular economy
      Energy, climate, the environment and logistics
      Educational systems
      Research and development, innovation systems
      Industrial Relations
      Occupational, process and product safety

Industry communication

Awareness, reputation and appeal

      Media and Public Relations
      Industry brand
      Industry reviews and industry information
      Youth communications and cooperation with educational institutes