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KiiltoClean: Surfactants remove grime

Grime tends to accumulate in places at home that are touched repeatedly. These include cabinet doors, electric switches, radiators and chairs. Kiilto Kodin Tehopuhdistaja was developed for the removal of grime or excessive dirt of this kind.

One of the secrets behind its power is surfactants, which are an efficient way of removing dirt quickly. Surfactant is a surface-active agent capable of penetrating between dirt and the surface and surrounding the dirt particle.

− The product has been on the market for about a year and has already found its place in households in Finland. It makes everyday cleaning quicker and easier. Dirt does not have to be rubbed and less time has to be devoted to cleaning. As a product, it plays an important role in promoting our well-being, says Heidi Kähkönen, Product Development Manager of Kiilto.

Photo: Kiilto Oy

The effect of the product is due to tensides that remove grime expeditiously