Lahti Energia: The world’s first waste-operated power plant

It is no wonder that Lahti Energia’s Kymijärvi II gasification power plant was awarded as The Environmental Deed of the Year title. Utilising waste, the power plant is a much more environmentally friendly way of generating electricity and heat than a coal-fired power plant: it is estimated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere by as much as 410 000 tons a year.

Commissioned in 2012, Kymijärvi II is the world’s first power plant that uses recycled fuel only. It annually converts 250 000 tons of waste to 45 megawatts of electricity and 90 megawatts of district heat. In 2014 the plant produced electricity and district heat for some 30 000 households in the Päijät-Häme region.

In a gasification power plant, energy is derived by gasifying product gas out of recycled fuel and then purifying the gas by cooling it down and filtering.  Purified gas is burned in a boiler, which allows electricity and district heat to be generated with high efficiency. Woikoski Oy, a Finnish gas producer, participated in the project by delivering equipment to the power plant for manufacturing the gaseous nitrogen needed in the process.

The world’s first power plant that uses exclusively recycled fuel