Turning waste materials into ethanol fuel

2008 |

The Etanolix® method has been created in cooperation with VTT with the support of Tekes and the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Finland. Picture: Atte Kajova

The St1 Biofuels Oy innovation provides an answer to current environmental challenges. In this new method, ethanol is produced from waste materials. The ethanol is used as traffic fuel, thereby reducing the carbon dioxide emissions of traffic as well as its dependency on oil. The by-products generated can be utilised further as cattle feed, fertilisers or solid biofuels.

This award-winning method brings the production facilities close to the sources of raw materials. Small, modular production units can be manufactured in series and easily brought where they are needed, such as the plot of the operator producing waste. The products produced in the small facilities are transported to a centralised unit for concentration. All the units operate with top class energy efficiency, and the heat energy required is produced from biofuels.