Economy and business conditions

Chemical Sector creates almost EUR 10 billion value added in Finland

Directly Chemical Sector creates approx EUR 5 billion value added Finland. Together with direct, und...

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Value added of the chemical industry

The Finnish chemical industry's share of value added in the manufacturing industry has grown, standi...

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Chemical Sector Value Added in Finland

Finnish Chemical Sector Value Added has been quite stable. With current Price level Value Added in 2...

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Chemical Sector Value Added by current price level

Approx. 40% of the value added is created by basic chemicals. Meanwhile, pharmacy is increasing stea...

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Electricity Consumption by Sectors 2015

Chemical Sector accounted for 8% of total electrcity consumption in Finland.

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Investments of the Chemical industry in Finland

Chemical Sector invests in Finland approximately one billion euros in a year, at least the level of ...

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Investments in the manufacturing industry, development

In 2015, the value of investments in the chemical industry totalled approximately EUR 1193 million, ...

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Chemical sector sales and oil price

Finnish chemical sector sales and oil price trends go along. This is mainly due to oil products.

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Chemical Sector Sales

Finnish chemicals industry sales has stabilized. There was a major decrease from 2014 mainly due to ...

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Chemical sales

The Finnish chemical industry sales was approximately EUR 20 billion in 2015. Of this, the share of ...

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Industrial structure of production

The chemical sector’s share of total Industry output in Finland has grown, accounting 18 percent of ...

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Chemical industry production index

Chemical sector's production volume has been stable and slightly growing.

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New orders received

Chemical Sector New Orders have recently been quite stable.

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Personnel expectation

No big changes expected in personnel in Finnish chemical sector.

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Production expectation

Chemical sector production in Finland was expected to grow at the end of 2017.

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Economic situation and expectation

Economic conditions in for chemical sector in Finland were better than average at the end of 2017.

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Consumer confidence indicator

The confidence of consumers in the economy stayed high at the end of 2017.

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Confidence in industry

The confidence indicators for business in Finland were at a high level at the end of year 2017.

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